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The DragonHorses

The DragonHorses


Why painting on silk?

For as long as I can remember i have been a drawer, a painter, a maker. In High School I used to make greeting cards with Prismacolor art markers and sell them to family and friends. I went to art school in San Francisco to study children's book illustration which took me nowhere but temp jobs. While living in New York, I worked retail jobs and in my free time I painted with acrylics on huge canvases that took over my tiny apartment. I showed my work at a large convention called ArtExpo, but nothing came of that. Eventually, I went back to school to study textile design in an attempt to have a career in a somewhat artistic field. 

At some point after I got my second degree, I went to Houston with my Mom for a quilt convention. I took an afternoon class on silk painting and dying. It was fun and I created a few nice pieces. But after the class I went back to my day job in New York City as a graphic designer at a textile design company. From that time till somewhat recently, I didn't think much about silk or painting on it.

Through a series of life-changing decisions I found myself living on a farm in the middle of Tennessee with a lot of extra time on my hands. (You can read more about that here) I was becoming allergic to so many things on the farm that staying outside for long caused me to break out in a variety of unpleasant hives. So I decided to focus on my long-neglected art and started painting with watercolors. They have been a favorite since college and while I was looking for something in my supplies, I came across the little silk paintings I had done years ago in Houston. Digging a bit deeper, I found the little sample box I had purchased for the class and started playing around. Very quickly I realized I had finally found "my medium" and I couldn't stop.